Masked Bunny

Yes, I realize this bunny bears no mask. I drew him on a whim with my mouse as I was showing a friend about masking layers in Photoshop and how it can help her with a project she’s working on. Starting out, I said, “I’m going to draw something really lame now.” But as we worked on the colors, his little crooked self kind of grew on me. Anyway, thought I would share. :-)



Masks are excellent shortcuts for coloring lined art. Make a separate layer for each color and brush it in. (Don’t forget to label them appropriately and group as well if you have a lot of elements on the same file.) Then magic wand the line art area on the line art layer. Switch to the color layer, click the mask icon and viola! Your colored splotch is now trimmed up.

Merlin Fan Art [Vector]

I’ve been working my way through the Merlin series (2008-2012, BBC) on Netflix and a particular image of Merlin caught my eye. Since I’ve been wanting to practice my vector art skills, I tried making a bit of fan art after a long evening of working on logos and flyers for clients. It was a fun experiment, and I rather like the way it turned out.


I could probably do a bit more to it, but when the time is 3 AM and one has to get up at 6:30 AM, then one must call it quits when the image is good enough to stop. After all, like many artists, I could fiddle all day with a project and never be satisfied.


Toxic Thoughts [Vector Art]

The editor at requested another graphic to go with an article on their site. The topic was “toxic thoughts”, so this is what I came up with. All images were drawn or created by hand in Adobe Illustrator. A dear friend loaned me her Bamboo tablet, which I used to draw the hand drawn images and scribbles–so much easier than using a mouse to draw! Here’s the article where the illustration was used: Toxic Thoughts by Susan Lockhart.