Q vs. Stone Glory by Inkaholics 13

We are finally coming around to the part of the show where the 2012 Inkaholics books are being wrapped up! Here’s the first of a few books that should be coming out before the summer groups begin: Q vs. Stone Glory by Inkaholics 13. The cover art is an original commission by Rachael Selk; coloring and design done by me.

Q vs. Stone GloryQuarlla desperately wants to join the Public Enemy Terror Alliance, but they haven’t even noticed her…yet. All she has to do is find a minion, commit some evil acts of villainy, and maybe kill a guy or two.

Unfortunately, someone wants to stop her. Will Q fulfill P.E.T.A.’s list or will the Super League of Super Heroes succeed in stopping her efforts?

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A Paradelle called “Serenity”

I was going through some old files to find an old, old template when I stumbled across a file called Paradelle.doc. Being always interested in mocking my archives of writing, I opened it up and was surprised to find that it was a poem…and that I actually liked it. o.O

A Paradelle is a poetic form that was invented by Billy Collins. He originally said the paradelle was invented in eleventh century France, but he later admitted that he invented it himself to parody strict forms of poetry, particularly the villanelle. {source} Anyway, here it is:


By MangyCat

Clock is ticking blissfully quiet
Clock is ticking blissfully quiet
Nothing stirs the air of house
Nothing stirs the air of house
House of nothing blissfully stirs
Quiet is air ticking the clock

Light shines in as afternoon breaks
Light shines in as afternoon breaks
A simple shaft of soundless motes
A simple shaft of soundless motes
Shaft shines as motes of afternoon
Simple breaks in a soundless light

Silence is more than golden beauty
Silence is more than golden beauty
Palpable serenity surrounds my soul
Palpable serenity surrounds my soul
More beauty than silence surrounds
My palpable soul is golden serenity

Soul is a house as nothing breaks
Soundless air shines blissfully
Motes of beauty ticking in afternoon light
Shaft of my golden clock stirs
Surrounds the palpable silence
Serenity is more than simple quiet

Starbright Writing Contest for Ages 9-19

journalStarsongs, a publication for kids by kids, is holding a contest for young writers, ages 9-19 (two separate age categories), who would like to submit a novel or novella. Entry fee is $20. DEADLINE IS JUNE 15, 2013. Get writing and submitting, writers!

Each entrant will receive a critique from three (3) separate judges. First through fifth place winners will move to a final judging round and will receive a critique from three (3) separate judges. Entrants who advance to the final round will be afforded the opportunity to revise their entry. Submissions will be judged based on the following elements:

Plot development
Character development

Contest participation does not guarantee that the entire manuscript will be read. In order to assure a complete reading of your work, it is your responsibility as the author to edit and polish your manuscript to the best it can be. This includes but is not limited to proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and organization of content.


1st place – Publication of manuscript by Written World Communications
2nd place – $100.00
3rd place – $50.00

CLICK THIS for more details and to submit!

Inkaholics 18: In Progress

We finally got the group picture taken for Inkaholics 18, the middle school group that is over halfway through our six sessions. We have a seriously talented group in this one, and everyone is working really hard to make their scenes awesome.

The story? We’ve got a science fiction, off planet tale about an android who runs into a stranded time traveler on a planet that was supposed to be uninhabited. They are swept into a war between two factions that are soon threatened by an even greater enemy. So far, our hardest obstacle (other than having too much sugar and access to Sharpies) is putting our poor characters into impossible situations that they can’t seem to escape from.

Comic: My Life in Line

One of my dear friends (and my Inkaholics assistant editor!) has a love-hate relationship with Colorado. The last time she visited, we ended up at Public Health to get her a tetanus shot. The time before that, I drove her down a mountain to go to the Emergency Room. She halfway jokes that she has an allergy to my state. Thus was born the inspiration for this:

Comic #1

I feel quite honored and loved that she keeps returning despite her misadventures…

Prophecy’s Keys: Pieces of Souls by Inkaholics 9

We are super excited to present the latest novella from our young writers, Prophecy’s Keys: Pieces of Souls by the Inkaholics 9 Writers Group. This group is pretty sure they are going to want to write a prequel and/or a sequel, so we have boldly added “Book 1” to the title.

All of the writers in this group were completely new to Inkaholics Groups, but I think we have them hooked because every one of them just finished being a part of Inkaholics 12. (More on that later!) Here’s a little bit about this classic fantasy story from Ink 9:

"Pieces of Souls" Book Cover

Morgana is a fresh graduate of the Kentis Institute of Magic, but her wizard’s staff is already misbehaving. In fact, a dark power hidden inside the ornamentation has shrouded an entire village in a madness-inducing mist.

The young wizardess vows to correct the situation and finds help in a clumsy apprentice blacksmith and a paranoid, recluse dragon. But a wicked creature from her past interferes with their quest at every turn, or is he drawing them right where he wants them? Has circumstance brought these three together? Or are they a part of an ancient prophecy that connects them in more ways that they could possibly imagine?

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Pieces of T.I.M.(e) by Inkaholics 8

I am super excited to announce the publication of the latest Inkaholics novella, written by the Inkaholics 8 Writers Group, Pieces of T.I.M.(e). Here’s the back cover blurb:

Anthony Flynn is a machine of Artificial Intelligence existing in the world of humans. Life is a strange enough place, but after crossing paths with a fractious, bionic librarian and a self-exiled queen, he begins to learn that living is about more than complex computations.

Octopus Prime, a tenacious, tentacled crimelord, and his gang of aquatic ruffians, have a devious plan to destroy the creator of A.I. Stealing T.I.M., Anthony’s time machine, is merely the first step in extinguishing the mechanized race.

As time unfolds and events in history shift, Anthony finds himself grappling with his robotic side and his own programmed humanity. Which will win the fight? Or will he lose himself altogether? Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.